Deliveries 3.1.1

Deliveries 3.1.1

Deliveries 3.1.1

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Deliveries helps you keep track of all your packages, so you always know when they’re going to arrive. Whether it’s the latest gadget you’ve preordered online, or a new graphic novel you can’t wait to dive into, Deliveries will keep tabs on it so you don’t miss the doorbell.

The main list shows a summary of all your shipments and counts down the days. Select a delivery for more information, and see where it is on a map. If you like you can view the shipping company’s web page, or easily share your shipment over email, iMessage, or AirDrop. Deliveries can even add estimated delivery dates to your calendar, and a Notification Center widget lets you quickly check your packages without opening the app. All your old deliveries are archived so you can look them up again if you need to.

Deliveries supports dozens of services, including UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, City Link, Royal Mail, and many more. You can also track orders from services like Amazon and Apple, even before they ship. (Some services are limited to specific countries—visit for details.) If you have packages from other services, just select “Other” and enter a delivery date and web site. Deliveries will watch the site and let you know when it changes.

Deliveries is also available for iOS, in a Universal app that supports iPhone and iPad. You can sync your deliveries between devices with iCloud or our own Junecloud sync. If you create a Junecloud account, you can add new shipments from any web browser.

Have any questions? Just visit and click Help.

What’s New

Version 3.1.1

• Fixed broken drag and drop in Mojave.
• Improved date detection for and
• Improved link detection for DHL and TNT Express Australia.
• Improved tracking number detection for Hermes.
• Fixed a bug where the service update version was not always updated correctly.
• Updated the way URLs are handled in macOS 10.13 and later.

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Deliveries 3.1.1

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