League of Angels 2

League of Angels 2

League of Angels II – On the wings of justice

Fantasy Browser RPG – For those among you who are familiar with League of Angels, the obvious predecessor of League of Angels II, this review may proof to be quite interesting. It is not surprising that after the stunning success of League of Angels it was only a matter of time for League of Angels II to appear. We played this brand new free to play title and here is our report.

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Game Concept

Just like its predecessor, League of Angels II presents itself as a classic MMORPG. Though at first it did seem that the concluding events in League of Angels did lead to an era of peace and prosperity, things began to turn sour shortly after. The darkness has returned and while it does threaten to consume the world, heroes from all over the realm are trying to make a stand for the light. This is where you come into play. Starting out as a talented but completely broke greenhorn, you have to not only to gain the favor of the deities but also have to find ways in which you will become more powerful. Thankfully there is a huge world waiting to be explored. A world that is brimming with adventures, dangers and countless opportunities to turn any greenhorn into a grizzled veteran.

Form a band of unique heroes:

One of the core concepts of League of Angels II is the forming of a functioning and effective war band. In order to do that, you will have to recruit several of the powerful deities which are scattered across the realm. While some of them do willingly join your course, others may need some “persuasion”. At any rate, those deities to really pack a punch and while some of them are great at soaking up damage on the frontlines, others are dedicated damage dealers or supportive characters. How exactly you want to play it out is all up to you but a well-rounded mix of tanks, damage dealers and healers is almost never a bad idea.

Enhanced graphics, enhanced combat:

League of Angels has always been a free to play title that was looking pretty good. The artwork, the animations and the world were brimming with little details, something you cannot expect from any browser game. In League of Angels II the developers really ramped up the overall appearance by quite a bit and the result is an even more beautiful game. Characters have way more detail now and during combat several gimmicks like combos and even slow-motion kill sequences give the game a fluent pace and unique touch.

Cross-Realm PvP and more:

And let’s not forget the PvP aspects of League of Angels II. One of the strongest points of the predecessor has even been refined and with the option to participate in cross-realm PvP events countless thousands of players are embracing this pretty rewarding aspect of the game. Obviously there is even more to discover. League of Angels II does also give you the opportunity to test your skills in several timed events, raids, dungeons and several other features and gimmicks.

Special Features of League of Angels II

  • Free to play Browser MMORPG: Just sign up once and you are good to go – League of Angels II is absolutely free to play.
  • Form a band of unique heroes: Form an alliance with powerful deities and face the forces of darkness.
  • Enhanced graphics, enhanced combat: Overhauled graphics and an improved combat system are among the strongest features of League of Angels II.
  • Cross-Realm PvP and more: Compete with players from all around the world and determine who is the strongest among you.


The Bottom Line

While the success of League of Angels wasn’t surprising, the potential success of the free to play Browser Fantasy RPG Game League of Angels II is almost guaranteed. League of Angels II has definitely the right idea. You take some of the strongest features of the predecessor and then you improve and expand them. Features such as the cross-realm PvP and the enhancements to the combat system really do synergize, resulting in a game that is must-have for anyone who played League of Angels and also for those among you who haven’t yet touched a Browser MMORPG of such caliber.

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League of Angels 2

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