Modwheel Mystichord KONTAKT

Modwheel Mystichord KONTAKT

Modwheel Mystichord KONTAKT-Fantàstic
Fantastic | June 27, 2018 | 980 MB

MYSTICHORD – Transmissions from the scope and External Resonant mysteries from beyond the field. 21 patches mind that mix from significance Alphaville to Dreamville exploring the more remote inner and outer dimensions of space.

Mystichord emerged as a result of the accidental discovery of materials related to exploration and research into the little-known field of Empyrean Physics by even smaller pioneer, Dr. Milan Guertzig.

Among the materials several tapes of actual recordings captured by Guertzig on its psychogenic voltaic battery, a device that apparently allowed him to capture and amplify sounds and signals far beyond the realms of time and normal space as they claimed were that he was even able to spy on the “other”.

Guertzig faded into obscurity, rejected by the scientific and spiritualist communities alike, and when the fire destroyed the hospital where had his laboratory, it was thought that all his research was with him.

But there were those (well, one or two anyway) who believed and when rediscovered recordings came into our hands, we felt it was time for the world to learn the truth.

Mystichord looks and behaves like a vintage organ drawbar / faders that introduce several layers of sound effects, thus offering a wide range of tones in each patch.

Mystichord comes with 21 loaded patches with different sounds and each patch has a preset snapshot folder (213 separate snapshots) that allow quick and easy selections that can be used as such or as starting points for their own exploration settings.

48K 24 – bit samples
160 samples weighing 1,050 GB

ModWheel has a huge debt of gratitude to Kirke Godfrey in ShapedNoise for his enormous contribution to Mystichord, excellent technical support and extensive beta testing.

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Modwheel Mystichord KONTAKT

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