Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 – The Classic Has Returned Better Than Ever

Strategy / Medieval War Game – Are you a popular guy with a lot of friends around you? Then we’ve got good news for you. Drum roll please! The classic has returned! If you were a fan of the first strategy browser game ‘Tribal Wars’, then you’re going to love this new edition to the series. Dive into this medieval world and conquer the world! Still have your doubts? Then read our exclusive review to find out more…

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Game Description

The free-to-play browser game ‘Tribal Wars 2’ catapults you into the medieval era. Just like its famous predecessor, in Tribal Wars 2 it’s your task to found, defend and expand impressive kingdoms. Still unimpressed?  Read on to find out what extra features your can expect from this new outing…

Backbreaking Work

In ‘Tribal Wars 2’ you start off with a small castle which you’ll need to transform into an indestructible fortification through backbreaking work. There are a total of 17 buildings to unlock but only once you’ve successfully expanded and improved your headquarters. Bit by bit, you’ll unlock additional buildings as well as upgrades. Each building has a level cap of 30 which can only be achieved by strategically investing your resources, while in addition, you’ll also be able to unlock research options which will give you certain bonuses throughout the game.

Ready your Swords!

Offence is the best defence, or is it the other way round? In any case. You’ll need a well organised army to do either. Once you’ve built your barracks, you’ll be able to recruit up to 12 different military units as the game progresses. These can then be used in PvE mode (Player vs Computer) to fight back the barbarians and take over the environment around you. Strategy is everything in these skirmishes, as you’ll need to figure out when best to use your different offensive and defensive units in battle. You can also get help from a special unit called the Paladin. There can only be one of these in every army but if he dies, you’ll be able to nominate someone else for the role. The Paladin has the ability to earn experience points after every battle, which can then be handed in for special armour and items. These make the Paladin irreplaceable in every army. At the meeting point you’re also able to put together and save your own individual armies so that they become easier to manage and more effective.

Much to Discover

But that isn’t everything. You’ll not get bored easily with over 50 quests and missions to complete as well as countless achievements to unlock. But even if you’re new to this kind of genre, the battle system is easy to understand. Your army’s morale lowers the offensive strength of enemy units, even if the point difference of both players is quite large. This means that even weak castles have the ability to hold back powerful opponents. The Night Bonus is a small treat for those who have had a long rest between the hours of midnight and 8am and this means that defensive units have a bonus of 100%. You can even expect some additional advantages once you’ve joined a tribe. You’ll be able to work together to exchange raw materials and military units. If you simply just want to be the best, you can also earn different boosters and officers by completing quests and missions. These boosters help you to expand castles and trade links, as well as to defend yourself in battle.

Everything has an End..?

The highlight of Tribal Wars 2 is becoming King of the World and to do this, you’ll need to take part in a special event, ‘The End Game!’ As soon as the event starts, you’ll have access to a new building: The Fortress. This fortress can be upgraded to level 30 but its high maintenance costs can prove to be a real challenge. If you’re playing in a tribe then you’ll be able to get support from your in-game friends. Playing against other players, the first one to get to level 10 becomes the ‘King’. However, this doesn’t give you the right to relax. You’ll need to work hard to keep your title, as any player who then manages a higher level can steal it away from you, along with the advantages that go with it. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t worry, you can play this event again and again until you do. If that’s not enough, then you’ll also have the chance to build up additional kingdoms in other worlds.

Special Features

  • Shape Your Kingdom: A choice of up to 17 buildings each with 30 upgradeable levels, as well as additional research options and 13 different military units with a ‘one-click attack’ functionality mean that you can shape your kingdom how you want to
  • Long-Term Playability: Complete over 50 quests and missions and unlock countless achievements, rewards and items for your Paladin
  • Safe in the Night-time: Earn yourself the Night Bonus and increase your defensive stats by 100% after a peaceful night’s sleep
  • End Game: Take part in the ‘King Event’ with other players across the game world and earn different bonuses as well as the title of ‘King for Life’
  • The World is not Enough: Play on countless different worlds with various game modes and create an indestructible kingdom


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play browser game Tribal Wars 2 is a praiseworthy successor of the original classic. The well-known and much-loved game system has been improved and enhanced with new features. The biggest difference between the two games are the reworked graphics, which are kitted out with detailed and lovingly crafted 2.5D visuals. All this together makes Tribal Wars 2 a game which needs to be experienced. What are you waiting for? Dust off your crown and become a King!

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Tribal Wars 2

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