VitaminBW 2.0.2

VitaminBW 2.0.2

VitaminBW 2.0.2 Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (macOS) | 62.9 MB



VitaminBW 1 got a prominent place in the Black and White community because of its conversion quality and the stunning capabilities of Triple Tone. Unfortunately, it missed the live preview and was a bit slow. Recently, thanks to the know-how achieved developing the new plug-ins, we set out to make this outstanding product far better by improving on some of its weaknesses and adding extra features.

Live Preview
VitaminBW 2, thanks to the new super fast engine, adds a live preview. You will be able to compare different settings in a while.
Flexible Output
You can now get the black and white layer flattened or layered in a stack, exactly as VitaminBW 1, for an advanced and flexible tonal editing.
Gamma Control
Gamma is a powerful new tool that controls luminosity before the image boost. More options are the Repeat function and the auto pre-filtering.
32bit Plugin
Version 1 was a script. Version 2 is a plug-in that uses its internal engine working at 32bit stretching the local histogram much better.



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VitaminBW 2.0.2

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