WebScraper 4.4.0

WebScraper 4.4.0

WebScraper 4.4.0 | Mac OS X | 4 MB. 

WebScraper uses the Integrity v8 engine to quickly scan a website, and can generate extracted data (now) as CSV or JSON. In addition download images to a folder.

Key Features:
Quick and easy to scan a site
Plenty of extraction options including various metadata, content like (such as text, html or markdown) HTML elements with certain classes / identifiers, regular expression
Easily export: Select the columns you want
csv or JSON output as
New option to generate a single text file (designed to archive text content, rebates or plain text)
lots of options / settings
setting up multiple tracking and limits on the size of the output file



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WebScraper 4.4.0

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