Dragon Glory

Dragon Glory

Dragon Glory – The world needs a dragon rider!

MMORPG browser game – dangerous demons are creeping up from hell underneath! In this free MMORPG for the browser you’ll become a dragon rider, and you’ll start on a journey to the dark depths of hell to fight what’s causing the demon invasion. On your journey you’ll fight many battles, and you’ll discover great treasures!

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The game principle of Dragon Glory

Dragon Glory is first of all a classic MMORPG. All you need to do in order to face the hoards of the underworld is to create a free account! Decide what you want to play as – a female or a male dragon rider – and the adventure can begin. Your journey starts in the high heavens of Gods and Angels. Here you are reminded about your duty as a dragon rider, which is protecting the innocent people of the world. You’re assigned the mission of finding the reason why demons have started attacking. Of course, as a dragon rider you won’t hesitate for long and you’ll take on the adventure immediately. You start in the usual MMORPG manner, directly going on your first quests and fighting your first battles!

Gripping fight system:

When a fight starts in Dragon Glory the game switches to a special fight mode! In fight mode your hero is face to face with the dark creatures of the underworld. The system is round-based, so you’ll take turns hitting each other. On your skill bar you can select what kind of attack you want to use. Some attacks create fury, so they’re used for powerful skills! Generally the fighting gets right down to the nitty-gritty, and the visuals are stunning.

A team of heroes:

Even though you start out on your own, other heroes will begin joining you soon. In time you’ll get an entire range of different skills in your group. Interesting is also the fact that you can determine your heroes’ fighting formation. Powerful front fighters in resilient armor belong in the front line by all means. Fragile sorcerers or agile archers are rather for the second one. The mixing of formations and the broad selection of skills that we mentioned above make Dragon Glory a game for tactical minds.

Guild system:

In Dragon Glory you can join or even start guilds, as is usual for MMORPGs. Forming alliances with other players comes with a number of advantages. First of all, a guild makes it possible to exchange tips, tricks and to identify problems daily. Plus that being part of a guild is the only way to take part in guild wars! These battles alongside other players are a whole lot of fun, and they lure with special rewards.

Various degrees of difficulty:

Beginners in the genre are going to be interested in the fact that they can choose various degrees of difficulty for all dungeons. Of course, for particularly challenging dungeons there are extraordinary rewards! Still, these dungeons are very demanding, so if you prefer easier ways to get passed your opponents, choose an easier dungeon, and winning will be less challenging. This game offers something for all player types!

Features of Dragon Glory

  • Free MMORPG for the browser: Just create a free account with 101XP, and you slip into the skin of the legendary Dragon Rider.
  • Gripping fighting system: Show the creatures of the underworld the power of the holy rider. A round-based fight system for gripping battles!
  • A team of heroes: Fortunately you don’t have to fight the war against the hoards of darkness alone – many other heroes will join you!
  • Guild system: Together with other players you can take part in epic guild wars. There are special guild stores with rare items, too!
  • Various degrees of difficulty: Adjust the challenge level of the dungeons to your own wishes, and bring back many spoils.


Conclusions about Dragon Glory

Dragon Glory has totally met our expectations from a free MMORPG for the browser! You take on the role of a powerful dragon rider, and you face the powers of hell, showing them one more time the enormous might of your legendary caste. On your way to the top you’ll go through many levels, and you’ll unlock new skills and powerful items. The fighting system allows you to fight lower servants of the underworld as well as mighty monsters! If you’re a fan of good browser game, then you should totally check out Dragon Glory.

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Dragon Glory

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