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Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online – Online Role-playing game with a touch of Anime

Online Role-playing Game – Fiesta Online is a free-to-play 3D Anime MMORPG with more than 2 million players worldwide. Fiesta Online is a fantasy anime online role-playing game with detailed and affectionate 3D comic graphics and is suitable for the whole family. We have put together the most important features we found while testing it out.

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Game Premise

In Fiesta Online you dive straight into the affectionate and breath-taking world of Isya. This world was created by a god called Legel, who created all life in the world of Isya as well. The other gods were, however, jealous of Legel’s power, banished him and split his image into thousands of pieces, which were then spread across the world. As heroes of Isya, it is up to you to search for these pieces and bring the good-natured God, Legel, back to life.

The Character Classes:

Once you arrive in Isya, you are faced with the classic MMORPG decision of choosing between one of 5 character classes. Among these are the Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage and Trickster. The Mage and the Archer are perfect long-ranged fighters, whereas the Trickster and Fighter are specialists in close-quarters. The Cleric is the ideal support class and specialises in healing and buffing his/her allies. With the latest expansion, the Crusader has been introduced as a playable character class. In order to unlock it however, you need to level up one of the other character classes to level 60.

Job System and Guide:

In addition to the unique classes, Fiesta Online also as an extensive job and pet (or rather mount) system. Both are available to you at level 1. In regards to the job system, you are able to train up your character to become a master of crafts in order to produce potions, amulets or scrolls or to specialise in improving or dismantling materials. Asides from the job system, you are able to get a pet or a mount, which can increase in level and provide various advantages.

The Guild System:

The Guild system, along with the possibilities to establish contact with other players, is unique in Fiesta Online. Already from a relatively early stage, you are able to found your own guild including Guild Academies. The Guild Academies are there to support fresh or new players. Through this, you are able to define goals and rewards, which the members receive by completing an objective. Besides the guild system there is a Master – Apprentice system in Fiesta Online. This allows the ‘apprentice’ to gain experience faster and the master, or rather the experienced player, a chance to get to know other players and to share their experience with others.

Special Features

  • Colourful Graphics: Fiesta Online offers colourful and detailed 3D comic graphics in an affectionately-crafted fantasy environment
  • Diverse Character Classes: Define your hero by choosing one of up to 6 different character classes (Fighter, Mage, Trickster, Archer, Cleric, Crusader)
  • Varied Gameplay: Whether doing countless quests, instances, dungeons or taking part in PvE or PvP, Fiesta Online is a lot of fun
  • Guild System: Extensive Guild system with a Guild Academy for new members and a reward system, as well as guild battles
  • Create your own items: Choose from up to 5 different learnable jobs and create your own unique equipment or sell your wares
  • Social Features: Whether exchanging items, small-talking in different cities or attending the wedding of other characters, Fiesta Online offers a lot of possibilities to socialise


The Bottom Line

Fiesta Online is one of the most loved Anime MMORPGs in the Western World at the moment. Due to its massive community you never play alone and there are always enough players to complete quests together or to fight through dungeons. The colourful Anime graphics lend the game a very friendly and joyful touch, which makes the game recommendable for the whole family.

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