Last Chaos

Last Chaos

An action-packed role-playing game with 9 classes

Fantasy MMORPG – In the free-to-play fantasy role-playing game Last Chaos you find yourself in the breath-taking world of Iris. In this godless environment you need to stand your ground against different, hostile clans and bring peace back to the world. However, is Last Chaos a suitable MMORPG alternative? We tested it out for you.

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Game Premise

The free-to-play fantasy role-playing game Last Chaos can be classed as a classic fantasy MMORPG. You find yourself again in the world of Iris in the midst of an endless war due to betrayal and treachery involving different clans. Your task is to make a name for yourself as a brave warrior and to unite the clans together in peace so that you can save the world from obliteration.

Numerous Classes:

You start with an inexperienced character and need to firstly decide between one of nine character classes. These consist of the Titan, Knight, Mage, Rogue, Healer, Sorcerer, Nightshadow, Ex-Rogue and Archmage. All classes have, of course, their own special skills and bonuses. For example, the Titan is your typical ‘get stuck in’ class while the knight is good at defending and supporting. Other classes like the Nightshadow or the Sorcerer are very magically able. Basically, there is a suitable character for every player.

Jobs and Pets:

Besides the regular character development, Last Chaos offers a cool pet system and the possibility to learn jobs to trade or create items for yourself. To do this, it is of course necessary to have the appropriate resources. These can either be bought at markets or from other players. You can also find them yourself in the open world of Last Chaos. On your way through the world of Iris there are plenty of opportunities for you to collect herbs, energy stones or ore.

Action Gameplay:

In comparison to other MMORPGs Last Chaos places the focus on action-packed gameplay. The gamer can enter into the classic PvP (Player vs Player) or PvE (Player vs Computer) modes across the land. You can also, however, run riot in action-packed guild, chaos or castle battles. In addition, Last Chaos offers a diverse range of dungeons which can either be completed alone, in a private group or together in public with numerous other players. As if that wasn’t enough, Last Chaos offers gigantic group instances, where you can hunt down epic bosses together with up to 32 other players. 

Special Features

  • Huge Community: With more than 4 million players in Europe alone, Last Chaos is one of the biggest online MMORPGs
  • Numerous Classes: Last Chaos offers the player the choice between 9 different classes (Ex-Rogue, Nightshadow, Sorcerer, Titan etc.)
  • Action Gameplay: With the E.R.A.S system, Last Chaos offers action-packed PvP and PvE gameplay, where players are able to attack multiple targets at the same time
  • House and Mounts: Last Chaos offers an extensive pet system, which allows the pets to level up and to actively help the player in battle
  • Guilds and Instances: Last Chaos offers numerous guild features and public or private instances such as guild quests


The Bottom Line

The fantasy role-playing game Last Chaos is an exciting and precise MMORPG. Through the sophisticated class and job system, the possibility to tame animals and the challenging quests and instances, it has the ability to not only enthuse fans of offline role-playing games but also already active online ones. We really advise you to give it a go…

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Last Chaos

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