Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War – A land on fire

Strategy game with medieval theme – A land in turmoil, countless princes fighting to rule, and you’re one of them. In Throne: Kingdom at War you get right down to the nitty-gritty. In this free strategy game for computers, smart phones or tablets you hold the scepter, and determine your kingdom’s destiny. We grabbed our own scepter and took a closer look at Throne.

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The game principle

Throne: Kingdom at War can be played basically just like other well-known strategy and building simulations. As ruler of your own kingdom you’ll have control over sparsely populated regions. The sparse population is a matter you’ll have to change, because you’re not the only one striving to seize power over the kingdom, and the competition never sleeps. Build a strong economy, harvest riches and invest them in a strong army that will show your enemies who is boss. The road to the top is paved with temptation and obstacles – overcome them, and you’ll become number one in Throne: Kingdom at War.

Form your own kingdom:  

Every beginning is hard, and this saying is particularly true in Kingdom at War. Your area of influence is small, and there’s little you can boast with at first except a small castle. But this will change once you’ve erected your first new buildings. Depending on the type of buildings, these can support you with additional resources, research options and other positive side effects that will help you grow. From all points of view it’s recommendable that you build a robust economy that can provide you not only with building material but also with the necessary financial means that a strong army needs. Diplomacy and soft words will only do so much.

Fight side by side with your friends:

Once your settlement has reached a certain size you should direct your eyes to the surrounding lands. Not only are they full of neutral settlements and other places of interest, but you can also plunder them in order to obtain additional resources. You’ll get the best spoils from other players’ settlements. Sure, those other players won’t be exactly happy about that. In order to avoid destructive aftershocks, you’d be well-advised to join an order. These alliances offer you not only safety within a group, but they also represent a good option to get help building your units.

Research new weapons and units:

In the beginning of the game you only have simple infantry units and basic technology at your disposal. This will be enough to block a raid or two, but it’ll surely not suffice to scare away a well-trained army. Science and technology will help you get ahead. Researching new units, new war techniques and developing new weapons increase not only your army’s efficiency, but also the productivity of your settlement. Only a highly equipped and modernized army has the necessary potential to teach troublesome competitors some manners once and for all.

Features of Throne: Kingdom at War

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up, and the game is on. Throne: Game at War is free-to-play for the computer, smart phone or tablet.
  • Form your own kingdom: From the smallest settlement to the biggest palace – build your own kingdom, and prove yourself against your rivals.
  • Fight side by side with your fiends: You can’t win a war alone. Ally yourself with other players, and ride to battle together.
  • Research new weapons and units: New weapons, better equipment and recruiting new units will ensure you victory.
  • Great visuals: Exciting real-time fights and beautiful visuals will get you hooked.


Conclusions about Throne: Kingdom at War

The free strategy game with medieval theme Throne: Kingdom at War is very similar to other titles of its kind, but, at the same time, it manages to keep its originality and individuality. Not only visually, but also in matters of gameplay Throne: Kingdom at War delivers a solid framework that is adorned with many features. Kingdom at War doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does work round, and it offers a new and complex alternative to the older strategy titles available on the market. So if you’re a fan of strategy games, you’ll surely enjoy this one. We did, and we warmly recommend it.

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Throne: Kingdom at War

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